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Prosthetics for Foreign Donation is a non-profit organization that collects gently used prostheses in Canada and sends them to people in need elsewhere in the world.

The organization was started by, then, 4-year-old Iahnijah Opeleke and his mom Tina “QueenTite” Opeleke in 2012. On a trip to Jamaica, Iahnijah noticed a gentleman getting around using a skateboard, as he didn’t have any legs. Iahnijah was curious, and moved by the gentleman’s situation, and offered his own prosthetic leg. This started the journey of PFFD, Prosthetics for Foreign Donation.

Learn more about the organization and the interesting story on their website.

Web Design

I was approached by a friend to build this site, and was quickly introduced to Tina and her journey with PFFD.

The design of the site was based primarily on movement, and positivity. To accomplish this, I used swooping design motifs on some sections, and cheerful, bright colours to highlight certain areas.

For simplicity’s sake, I created the site on WordPress, and used the Divi theme from Elegant Themes (affiliated). I’ve been using Divi for a number of years now, and know it’s robust features quite well. This allowed me to work quickly and create a beautiful design that my client was happy with.

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