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Resolute Solar was one of the last projects I worked on during my time working at This project went a little outside the norm for our usual site designs, and I had to create some custom graphics, find a premium plugin, and work directly with our client.

I used the Divi theme by Elegant Themes to build the website using WordPress. It’s a robust theme, that offers a lot of flexibility, and I’ve been using it for years at the company.

One of the interesting things I got to work with on this project was MapSVG plugin. The client wanted to show information based on geographical location, so we picked up this cool plugin, styled it a little bit, and popped in the content. It was an interesting tool to use, and created an interesting feature on the site.

How a Residential Solar System Works – custom graphic

I created some of the graphics on the site, namely the diagrams on the “How it Works” page, and some of the icons on the home page. I also recreated some of the graphs in illustrator to clean them up, and make them easier to read.

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Home page – desktop view

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Cost page – mobile view

How it Works page – mobile view

Maps page – mobile view

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Check out the final site! Updates may have been made since I worked on the site last, but the general layout is the same.