Temple of Skulls | Modular Asset Project

This project was a test in building 3D modular assets for use in Unreal Engine.

I used Maya to build most of the 3D assets, with the aim to have optimized the various elements as best as possible. The large statue in the centre of the tower is of a sculpt I created in Zbrush of the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. To keep it looking rough, I cheated a little and just zremeshed it down as best I could, and adjusted the topology in Maya.

Some of the textures were created in photoshop as tileable textures, whereas many others were created in Substance Painter.

Going into the project, I knew I wanted to make a large, creepy cathedral or mausoleum of some sort; inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica and the Temple of the Many Faced God from Game of Thrones.

The entire scene was created using these pieces (minus the statue).

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