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Week 10

For the last week of sketches for class, we were tasked with rendering our previous creature sketch, from last week.

I wanted to make something pretty creepy, so I used reds, sickly yellows, and messy textures to add some depth/creepiness to the render. The darker parts of her skin are supposed to look like dead or bruised flesh, that has been under pressure for a long period of time (see the parts on the torso, arms, and neck).

The basic premise for this creature’s story is that she used to be a human who visited an unknown planet (sci-fi story). Upon landing on this planet, she became infected with a local virus that distorted her body to the form seen above. Her bones spilled from her flesh, her metal space-suit fused with her bones and flesh becoming a carapace. The virus distorted her body and split her legs into four, insect-like legs.

As mentioned in my last sketch post, this design was heavily influenced by Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexian species, although I took a lot of liberties here.