Hey, I’m Jesse Marofke.

I’m a 3D Artist from Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

I’ve been exploring the world of 3D since 2008, but really took it seriously a few years ago when I attended Red River College. There I graduated from the Digital Media Design program and the Advanced 3D CG program.

After graduation I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of people at Tangent Animation as a Jr Show Finaler. We worked with a proprietery Blender pipeline on the Netflix series, Maya and the Three.

As part of the Show Finaling team, I was tasked with optimizing scenes, fine-tuning/updating animation, adjusting set dressing, and troubleshooting technical issues. This required good communication between mutliple departments, and a lot of learning on the fly. Near the end of my time at Tangent, we switched over to a USD pipeline and included Maya and Houdini to our software packages. During this transition I had a lot of fun exploring the different tools, and collaborating with my coworkers through the change.

Prior to my time at Tangent I did an internship with Bird Construction as a VisArch/BIM Modeler and did some research into a workflow to get Maya/3DS Max models to show as line-art in Revit. After a week or two of looking, we found some answers, and I documented the process.

Currently, I’m looking for new employment opportunities to grow my skills and knowledge in 3D. For a detailed overview of my skills and experience, please refer to my LinkedIn or Artstation profiles, or contact me directly.

Thanks Jesse — you always deliver that deadly combo of quality, speed, and attention to detail.
You’re my go-to web design guy.

Sean Corbett

Marketer and Copywriter, Repria Multimedia Corp

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I'm always interested in hearing of new projects, jobs, and freelance opportunities.

Winnipeg Digital Art Group

I co-organize a digital art meetup group in Winnipeg, MB. Join us for networking, presentations, and building up the community.