Akira Motorcycle | Modeling, Texturing, Rendering

My interpretation of Kaneda’s motorcycle from the movie Akira. To model the motorcycle I used poly-modeling techniques in Maya. To UV the project, I decided to explore UDIM’s in Substance Painter. Not having the ability to paint across UDIM’s proved a real challenge and took a little extra time. If I was to redo the textures, I think I’d break up the model into different material chunks and either texture each section separately in Painter or just use V-Ray triplanar or dirt mask techniques to speed up the process. Regardless, I think the textures came out pretty well, and I learned a lot in the process.

For the cityscape in the background, I used an old city-builder script called QTown. I was able to track down the code through some old links, but haven’t been able to locate a working link since. If you have a working link, let me know!

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Beauty Render from Maya (rendered in V-Ray)

Console Closup

Closeup of back sticker and plastic wear/grunge

Closeup of scuffs and wear on the side of the bike

Closeup of the bike geometry

UV layout of the entire bike using UDIM method

Scene setup and wireframe. I setup a camera to focus on an object based on a locator to get the focus I wanted.

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