Vault 2001 | Lighting and Rendering

Compositing study done for an assignment.

The goal was to take a modular set provided by the instructor (Matthew Broeska) and texture, light, render, and composite a single frame based on a reference image.

I decided to take a spin on 2001: A Space Odyssey and mix it with some Fallout reference (since I made a little Protectron awhile back).

Material creation was done using Maya with V-Ray materials and tileable textures made in Substance Painter. Final comp was done in Photoshop.

Thanks Jeremy Birn at for modular assets.

Reference photo and colour palette.
(Image taken from 2001: A Space Odyssey; Stanley Kubrick).

I’ve never seen the movie, but liked the composition in this shot. Thought it would be fun to recreate.

Beauty Render from Maya with GI

Beauty Render from Maya without GI

Diffuse Pass

Ambient Occlusion Pass

Normal Pass

Zdepth Pass

Lighting Pass

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