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Maya and the Three is an upcoming Netflix miniseries directed by Jorge Gutierrez. I was part of the Show Finaling (SHF) team at Tangent Animation, where the show was created.

As part of the SHF team, my job was to ensure all necessary assets in a shot were set up correctly.

This includes:

  • Animation Finaling: foot placement, no interpenetrating mesh, technical animation (weapon glows, prop animation, etc)
  • VFX Finaling: placement and timing of general VFX assets in shots (dust/smoke, sparks, magic, etc)
  • Set Dressing: placement of approved set dressing to fill out a scene (rocks, pebbles, weapons, torches, etc)
  • Toubleshooting: all productions have issues and problems that pop up occasionally, and this show was no different. Arguably, the one skill I used the most on Maya was problem-solving. Some examples of issues that I was able to help remedy or implement fixes:
    • Point precision: Blender had a few issues rendering elements far from origin. We developed in-house fixes to remedy this, and the SHF team was tasked with implementing the fix.
    • VFX cache trouble-shooting (usually just syncing issues between networks)
    • Troubleshooting the cause of shot-specific issues, and conveying that information to other departments

All shots and images shown here were taken directly from the Teaser Trailer. I did a lot more work later on in the show, but can’t share those details until Maya and the Three is released later in the Fall of 2021.

Animated set, hand placement, and rope animation to avoid penetrating geometry

Foot placement of Ref (on the rocks).

Set adjustments to sell the speed of running. There were some CFX (hair) troubleshooting in this sequence, as well as some VFX adjustments.

I just like this shot! Just wait until you see how it ends! I also had to do some glow timing and CFX troubleshooting here.

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