Little Protectron Bro

Made this little robot for an assignment.

It’s my rendition of what a “little sibling” of the Protectron robots from the Fallout game series would look like.

The geometry was modeled in Maya, rendered in V-Ray, and composited in Photoshop with a few grunge textures.

I also rendered out a quick turnaround video of the model, without any textures on it to get a better look at the base model.

Took about half an hour to bash out a few sketches. The red lines represent the pieces that looked interesting. I then refined them in the concept sketch depicted below.

I spent about an hour or so refining the sketch to get the basic shapes I knew I wanted to build. The interior parts were separated to see them in better detail. The colour palette was inspired by mid-century tin robot toys.

Beauty Render

Ambient Occlusion Render

Material ID Render

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